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Aerial Silks

Seit November 2016 neu im Angebot des TV Lorsbach : Aerial Silks oder auch Tuchakrobatik. 
Was ist das ?
Am besten mal Dienstags um 19:00 Uhr in der Sporthalle vorbeikommen und mit Amy Cassidy Kontakt aufnehmen. Amy ist Amerikanerin und beschreibt ihren Background so ... 

I learned the silks as a teenager at our community youth center that has the oldest youth circus program in America. In the program i learned spanish web, chinese pole, lyra, and silks. I continued to train and began teaching and performing aerial silks in California, once i began college. After college I moved to a new state and continued training and performing for foit ball events, fundraisers, galas, and special events. 

Now I am in Germany and hoping to share the skills that I have learned over more than a decade and empowering young girls in my community. 

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